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7th pay commission

¬† 7th pay commission: the government of India has initiated the process to constitute the 7th central pay commission together with the finalization of its terms of reference, the article and the potential time frame for submission of its title. On September 25, 2013, then finance minister p. Chidambaram declared that prime minister MANMOHAN Singh has accepted the constitution of the 7th pay commission. That’s recommendation is likely to be implemented with effect from January 1, 2016, Justice A.K MATHUR will be heading the 7th pay commission. The announcement of that was done on 4th February 2014, on 29 June 2016; Government approved The Recommendation of 7th Pay commission report using a meager increase in salary of 14% following week-long extreme evaluation and successive discussions. The finance minister of India asserted it the historic increase of salaries due to title knowledge of sixth pay commission.

Modification to conform by the cabinet7th pay commission

The alteration to conform today was finalized by the E-COS based on the suggest of the COA. The COA had undertaken extensive stakeholder consultations before finalizing its recommendations.

Most of the alteration use on account of continuing requirement of some of the existing arrangements, administrative exigencies and to further the rationalization of the allowances structure.

7th pay commission Financial implications:- the alternation to conform by the government in the recommendations of the 7th CPC on allowance will lead to a modest increase of 1448.23 crores per annum over the projections made by the 7th CPC. The 7th CPC in its report had projected some financial implication on allowance at Rs291300 cr per annum. The combined additional financial implication on account of the 7th CPC to suggestion along with the alteration to confirm by the cabinet is estimated at Rs 30748.23 crore per annum.


At present numerous type of allowance use paid for provisioning and maintenance by uniforms/outfits such as washing allowance, kit maintenance allowance, and uniform allowance.

Outfit allowance etc proposed dress allowance to be paid Rs5000,10000,15000 &20,000 per annum for various category of employees that allowance shall continue to be paid to nurses on a monthly basis in view of high maintenance and hygiene requirement.


Rate of children education allowance (CEA) has been increased from Rs1500 per month/ child (max2) to Rs2250 per month/ child

Higher qualification incentive for civilians has been increased form Rs 2000-Rs 10,000 (grant) to Rs10,000- Rs30,000 (Grant) to Rs10,000- Rs 30,000 (grant).

Existing rates of special adjustments for child care for women who have disabilities has been doubled from Rs 1500 per month to Rs 3000 a month.


Prices of further allowance have increased from Rs 500-1000 a month to Rs 1125/2250 per month.

In view of a strenuous character in the job, new allowances specifically special train controls allowance @ 5000 per month to find train’s controllers of the railroad has been introduced.

to find train’s controllers of the railroad has been introduced.

Goods and older passenger protector also @Rs750 per month.

Tips in regard to an important allowance paid for physicians and ministerial employees of the hospital.

Nursing allowance has been increased from Rs4800 per month to Rs7200 a month.

Also, increase rates of operation theatre allowance has been from Rs360 month to Rs 540 per month

Prices of hospital patient care allowance /patient care allowance have now been improved from Rs2000 — Rs 2100 per month to Rs 4100 — Rs 5300 each month. 7th CPC recommendations changed to the scope ministerial staff too.

Recommendation with regard to some vital

This may benefits over 5 lacs central Authorities pensioners not availing CGHS facilities.

Allowance into the scientific branch or The Recommendations of 7th CPC to abolish launch attempt allocation and distance Technology allowance has not been approved.

At the rate of launch effort and distance, Technology allowance was increased from Rs7500 per annum to Rs 11250 per annum.

¬†Pro update allowance for non-Gazette Workers of the department of nuclear energy will also continue to be compensated at The increased prices of Rs 11250 per annum…

From the now paid on daily basis.

Contemplating the particular character Of The Expenditure and also to offer you the right increase at prices, The government Has determined in prices, the Government has made a choice to maintain Antarctica Allowance in the R&H matrix

7th pay commission Conclusion
When increasing the Prices of allowance Impacting the central government Workers Notably  by defense CAPF and coast guard Private the Team of railways, postal department and nursing staffs, the Amount of allowance Has been rationalized from 97 to 128 thus, the government has shown a whole lot of fiscal prudence and at precisely the identical line employees and reacted to a number of the administrative exigencies requiring the alteration.

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